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    A professionally managed property generates more income per square foot or higher resale values than those that are not.  Property management is the fundamental part of our company.  At Apex Real Estate Services Corp. we are always striving to meet our client’s goals and objectives.  This is no small task considering that each client’s goals and objectives are as different and diverse as the client themselves.   



We carefully listen to the client and determine their needs, concerns, objectives, and structure a management package that is custom tailored to meet those requirements.  No two properties are alike. Through years of experience, we have found that we can provide a comprehensive package that is cost effective for Industrial and Office properties. 

    Our standard Property Management package incorporates all of our services into an affordable comprehensive program designed to maximize your return on investment and reduce expenses and exposure to liability claims.  We interface with accountants, Lawyers, and Trust Departments seamlessly for all estate planning and trusts, in order to protect the real estate asset from deterioration, Tenant complaints, insulate the owner and keep the income stream at the highest possible rate of return.  No property is too large or small for our methodized program.

    Contrary to what an owner may believe retaining a professional property management company will boost the income, resale values, or resident comfort of a property. A professionally managed property has better tenant retention, lower overall operating costs (due to the buying power of the management company) and a reduced liability risk.  The bottom line is greater income or savings (which equates to value) for the owner.

392 Main Street, Wyckoff, NJ  07481   P:201-891-8060  F:201-891-8066